I find writing software a relaxing hobby which can speed up many research and personal tasks. Sometimes I tidy the software up enough that I can distribute it to other people. I am a strong believer in open source/free/libre programs, and everything is released under a FSF-approved licenses (unless it is too short to warrant any copyright at all). I have also contributed code to the the open source project Cherry Tree, and enjoy helping new Linux users on the AskUbuntu forum.

  • Dappy (Draw And Paint in PYthon) – A cross platform drawing program.
  • SPIW (Scanning Probe Image Wizard ) – A MATLAB toolbox for automated image analysis.
  • Ditty – Unfinished but somewhat usable distributed issue tracking using git. A terminal program which can generate a Jekyll site for viewing/browsing.
  • Romanian hotkeys  – Hotkeys for ăâîşţ (their capitals) and „ on a non-Romanian keyboard.