Ubuntu/Lubuntu on a Samsung NC10

My old trusty NC10, seemed to be on its last legs. Slowly loading web pages on windows xp, not quite being able to handle multiple programs any more, especially not anything graphical such as GIMP. I thought I would give it a go on Ubuntu 12.10, which runs so well on my main laptop. It did run faster with Ubuntu, but still things were still slow and frustrating. Looking around on the web many people commented on how well their NC10 runs Ubuntu, but most of these posts were about Ubuntu 9 or 10. Looking at the task manager the limiting seems to be the little Atom processor, not the 1GB of RAM.

I have since installed Lubuntu 13.04, which is a lightweight Ubuntu which uses a LXDE interface. My initial impressions of Lubuntu are mixed, it looks pretty rather ugly compared to Ubuntu (which I run with gnome desktop as I find unity awful), I am also less impressed with the task manager, file manager, and keyboard shortcut management; but it does run so quickly and smoothly. It is so quick and smooth that I don’t think I will be returning to Ubuntu on the NC10. I think I will just accept that a four an a half year old netbook needs a lightweight operating system, even if it is less polished.

My advice for any fellow NC10 users getting frustrated with how slow it has got is: try Lubuntu.

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  1. I was in the same situation and my conclusion was similar. I tested Ubuntu with unity and it was slow, very slow. So i decide to install Lubuntu, it was very fast but i have some problems with it (home network wont work by default). So i decide to install Xubuntu and I’m very happy with it. Why? Very nice interface (after some customization), and the same main packets as Unity. It’s still very fast. Much faster than windows. With Wine i can use still some windows software.

  2. How do you fix the drivers? I want to the same thing but it’s my first experience with linux so i don’t exactly know what to expect


    • I have never had any driver issues with any of my own computers in any version of Ubuntu past 12.04. I have once seen a diver issue on a friends when upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04, but this was easily fixed with a solution of found by checking askubuntu.com. I would recommend installing ubuntu/kubuntu/lubuntu 14.04.01 LTS. The LTS releases tend to be more stable.

  3. I’m running Lubuntu on my NC10. It makes it a usable netbook. The good thing is with a RAM upgrade to 2Gb (£11 used) and a brand new 32Gb SSD (£15 new), it should last a few more years!

    It’s got such a nice screen and keyboard it seems a shame to not keep it until it’s completely unusable.

    The bottleneck is really the processor but not much that can be done there. I think it can be overclocked to 1.7Ghz only so probably not worth it.

    • The SSD and RAM upgrade probably really help. I actually currently have no real need for a netbook, but was in need of a home server. So I actually have now replaced the HDD with a 750GB drive I had lying around and put Ubuntu server on it. I only access via SSH (command line only) and nothing the server does is at all intensive. It works really well. It also doesn’t reset if I loose power!

    • Almost exactly the same upgrades on my NC10. 2gb ddr2 sodimm, 40 gb SSD and Lubuntu 15. Slips into my briefcase at half the weight of my main laptop and does most of what I need. An excellent machine.

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