Me I am a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Bath. I design open source scientific hardware that can be used to tackle Global Challenges. I am part of the OpenFlexure microscope project which is increasing access to laboratory-grade robotic microscopes in Africa. The microscope is being produced locally in Tanzania and is undergoing trials for malaria diagnosis. I am also working to design measurement and calibration tools which can be produced in Africa to help local innovators perform quality control and add value to the products they produce.

I have previously worked in a number of sub-fields of physics, including nanoscience, gravitational physics, and metrology, but I have always designed hardware. Seeing the incredible amount of time spent on reinventing the wheel, I hope to never design another instruments which is not open source. Open source hardware is important as it protects users from vendor lock-in, and gives everyone the freedom to tinker, improve, and share.